MakerSpace… Cheap & Easy

Thought my readers might like to read this blog – it fits with the theme of Library Lady.

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f5cc0689-522f-4756-92b8-9d57abfc4b7a-70b8ce6b-063a-4df6-9bd1-5d1b81f7f614-v1MakerSpace has been the the hot thing for a couple of years now. We see it EVERYWHERE! But I think everyone has the same question… “Ok, I have a space for my Makers, now what do I do with it?” MakerSpaces look different every where you go. They can be heavy on the technology with 3d printers, robotics, coding, etc. MakerSpaces can be filled with trash to treasure finds like papertowel rolls and tissue paper. Or MakerSpaces can be as simple as coloring pages and donated board games. But no matter what YOUR MakerSpace looks like the biggest issue every librarian has is… budget! Where in the world do we get the money to purchase items to build a MakerSpace and not take away from our priority of books?

When I first started the MakerSpace in my junior high library, it consisted of board games donated by staff and a whole…

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