Week by Week Series – Week 7

This week we continued on alphabetical order with the kinder and first graders. My story this week with those groups was Harold’s ABC With the kinder kids, they worked in small groups put alphabet cards in the correct order. If you’d like some ready-to-print alphabet cards, see my link to my TpT store at the end of this post. But they are easy enough to make on your own.

With the first graders I pulled stacks of “E” books off the shelves and divided them into six groups (about 15 books for each group). My “E” have only a bright yellow author letter as their spine label. Each group was tasked with putting the books in the correct order – the way they would be found on the shelf. Some of the groups struggled a bit since there wasn’t a book for each letter. A couple even went to the shelves and pulled books corresponding to the missing letters. After checking to make sure their books were in the correct order, I instructed each student to put two books back on the shelves in the correct spot. My aide stood in the E corner to make sure the shelving was done correctly. It is a fun activity for the kiddos even though it is a little chaotic.

My second graders learned more about how author letters are determined. I had an activity (which can be found on my Teachers Pay Teacher store) which involved matching title and author cards to spine label cards. This week we used “E” cards which have just one author letter in our library. Next week we will use “F” cards which have three author letters.

My upper elementary students continued with their digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media. In third grade we discussed Key to Keywords.  Since the students were on the chrome books for this lesson it took a little longer than most – we will finish this lesson next week. We started by asking a question and then choosing one key word to look for. Then, using the same question, we choose two key words. Finally we used the number of key words we thought were necessary to find our answer. It was a good exercise for the students to learn the importance of narrowing down a search.

In fourth, we also used the chrome books, which means a two-week lesson here as well. The topic for fourth grade was How to Cite. Not only was this a lesson in citation, it was a lesson in properly copying down / typing in a URL. My aide and I had to help several groups who had missed one letter, thus giving them incorrect results.

With the fifth graders we discussed bullying in a lesson titled Cyberbullying. It was good to have the discussion as some of the students have been bullied and I suspect some have done the bullying – both online and in person.

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