Week by Week Series – Week 5

One of the most fundamental skills in both the classroom and the school library is alphabetical order. With my kinder and first graders we read ABC ZooBorns! and Firefighters AtoZ as a lead in to the lesson. I explained that books in the library are often in ABC order so it is important to know our alphabet. With the kinders I divided them into groups and gave a set of alphabet cards I had created for them to place in the correct order. For the first graders I gave them a set of word cards I had downloaded from Donna Young’s website.  I love hearing the different groups singing the alphabet song as they work on putting their cards in the correct order. My aide and I walked around to check the order.

The second grade also worked on alphabetical order this week. I had them complete a page out of Library Safari reproducible workbook which involved placing ten words in the correct order.

My older elementary classes continued on their Digital Citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media.  With the third grade we discussed the Power of Words. The lesson touched on cyber-bullying and how to respond. We’ve all gotten the emails that claim “You’ve Won a Prize.” That was the topic of the lesson with my fourth graders – a good thing to review, even for adults. Privacy Rules was the topic in fifth grade. We looked at the rules web sites have to follow and how to find the Privacy Policy on web sites.

This past week also saw a research period with sixth grade world history. The students have each been assigned a project on an explorer. I always enjoy helping students with research, since we are a college prep school, I feel like it is one of the most important parts of my job.

Our second session on the bats project was last week. We continued our work of reading the World Book Encyclopedia Online article, a paragraph at a time and deciding together what to write on their note cards.

The library also “subbed” for a teacher who needed to be off campus for a period. It isn’t cost-effective to hire a sub for just one period and their isn’t always a teacher with a free period who can cover. So….the library houses those students. Usually the teacher assigns work to be completed, but sometimes it just ends up being a study hall.

IMG_0305Our book fair arrived on Thursday, so I spent most of Friday getting that set up. I’ll tell you more about it and how it goes next week.

I’d love to hear what you are doing in your library. Like this post and then drop a comment below.


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ABC: Zooborns!
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