First Week!

Whew! Have you had your first week with the kiddos yet? Last week was my first week. The first week is all about student training. For the littles (K-2) I have to teach them:

-how to come in to the library

-where to sit

-how to behave

-how and where to look for books

-how to use shelf markers

-how to check out

-what to do until going back to class

-and more

We read Library Lion  which is a great lead into rules. For the first couple of weeks I use coloring sheets found on Teacher Pay Teachers which reinforce book care rules.

For my older elementary students (grades 3-5) it is more about review. Most of this age level have been with me for several years but still need review. We play “I Have…. Who Has….?” a game I found on Teachers Pay Teachers. It is great for reviewing many library concepts. I review use of shelf markers with the students. They think they are getting too old to use them so I remind them of the why. We also review check out procedures.

I also have to discuss “bad guy” situations with all levels. We talk about what we would do if it happened in the library. I try to make it a little fun so that it isn’t so scary.  They actually get a little excited when I talk about the one time they may throw library books – if they are being threatened by a “bad guy.”

All the secondary classes also visit with their English class during the first full week of school. I have a power point I go through with them which covers things like:

-useful web sites

-Chromebook use

-book check out

-the maker space

-expected library behavior

-cell phone use

-lock-down procedures.

You can get a free copy of my Orientation Power Point when you sign up for my mailing list here. Because I work closely with the fifth grade teacher on research, that class comes to the library a second time during the first week for a shortened version of the secondary orientation.

We have less than 300 students in our K-12 school which makes seeing every students in a week very doable. However, talking about “bad guy” situations with 6 groups of younger students and going deeper with 7 groups of older students can be emotionally draining.

Resources from this post:

Library Lion (affiliate link which helps support this blog)

Book Care Coloring Sheets

I have… Who has..? game

Orientation Power Point (when you sign up for my mailing list)

What do you traditionally do during your first library visit? What books do you read? What do you discuss? I’d love to hear from you.