Dr. Seuss Story time

story reading 2Everybody loves Dr. Seuss. I had a good attendance at my Dr. Seuss story time last summer.

One of the books I read at this story time was One Fish Two fish activityFish Red Fish Blue Fish. Knowing the kiddos all like snacks, I found a great place mat which involved the students putting the correct number of goldfish in each “fish bowl.”

I also made a matching game with the One Fish Two Fish theme.

IMG_6136We also read The Foot Book. I found thismeasuring great activity using feet to measure things. In order to make things go a little smoother, I pre-cut feet from a pattern I found for the students to use for the measuring activity.

story readingI read The Cat in the Hat and we did some balancing activities. The students walked around balancing things on their heads. I also found a long 2×4 and they tried different ways of getting across the beam – walking, hopping, on their toes. We got out the blocks and worked to see how many we could balance on top of each other before they fell over.

Our final activity was to listen to Hop on Pop. I had created a game board using the instructions found at the Coffee Cups and Crayons web site. We used dice to determine how many spaces the kiddos needed to advance each turn.

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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (I Can Read It All by Myself)
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The Cat in the Hat
Hop on Pop (I Can Read It All By Myself)