Farewell to our Seniors

A tradition that began before I became librarian is the end-of-the-year displays honoring our seniors.

Each year I put a display visible in the hallway using the theme “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” This display features each senior along with his/her college choice and their bachelor degree choice. I also do a favorite book display in the library. The entries on this display include a senior picture and name along with the title and picture of the favorite book. My son was a senior this year – close-ups of his entries are included at the end of the post in case you’d like a little closer look.

Each April, I create a Google Form which I share with each senior. This form asks for student name, college choice, major choice, and favorite children’s book. In my email to the seniors I encourage them to “begin adulting” and fill out the survey by a specific date. If they have not completed the survey by that date, I send it to the parents but I give the seniors the first opportunity to get it done.

Our graduating class has 23 this year. If you are at a larger school, this may be harder to do. I know the elementary students love seeing the book choices. I think the seniors look forward to doing it as well. When it went up this year, I had juniors already start talking about how they are going to respond next year. I leave my displays up all summer as the administrator likes to highlight it when he does school tours during the summer.

Do you do anything special at your school to honor your seniors?

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